3 Ways to Make Your Rooms Seem Bigger

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Not everyone can afford to live in a spacious mansion all their life. A small home can have a lot of memories and fun too. However, it is critical that you learn how to arrange your home so it does not look overcrowded.

Choose your paint wisely

Sure painting your home black, navy blue or something in these darker shades makes your home look cool. You may also choose these colors because well, they will allow you to choose most furniture colors and designs. If you have a small home, however, this may not be a wise chose because darker shades tend to make the room appear smaller. When painting, therefore, go for colors like cream, white, pale blue or pale gray. Whatever you do keep it light and airy.

Go multifunctional

When buying furniture, with a smaller home, it is great that you find furniture that has more than one use around the home. Instead of the ordinary bed, go for one with drawers where you can keep some of those clothes that won’t fit in the closet and those magazines that you like reading before bed. You can also choose the ottoman with an in- built storage tank where you can store the blankets and books so your house looks less cluttered.

Think big

While it is natural to think that you should buy smaller furniture for your small home, you shouldn’t. really think about it. If you were to buy three one- sitter sofas, they will consume more space that just one three- sitter sofa. So do not push the thoughts to buy that statement armchair away. Not only will it save you a lot of space, it will make your home look great, more so, if it is a major part of the decor you choose for your home.